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Preparing Children Intelligent Since Pregnancy

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Mother is very large role in shaping the intelligence of children, since they were in the womb until birth. Mother should fully understand about nutrition for herself and the baby is born. So that in addition to a healthy baby is also growing levels of intelligence.

The brain is located in the skull directly related to the spinal cord, and form a central nervous system. Compared with the full weight, brain weight reaches only 2 to 3 percent.

But the brain is very big role in daily life. Although very little weight, but its need for oxygen and glucose, compared to most other organs organs.

In adults, it takes 600 milliliters of oxygen (25 per cent of the total consumption of oxygen by the body) and 100 milliliters of glucose per minute. That much needs to be brought by one liter of blood (20 percent of all the blood ¬ issued a heart each minute) that flow to the brain.

Interruption of blood flow for three minutes can cause brain cell damage, whereas the blood flow is stopped for more than nine minutes will result in death.

Composition of the brain is very complicated, but it simply can be divided into two groups, namely large brain (cerebrum) and the small brain (cerebellum). Large brain is 70 percent of the entire contents of the brain, and is responsible for intelligence and ability level of our thinking.
In this big brain, the information received by the sensory organs are processed, summarized and responded to. Small brain volume of about 10 percent of the entire brain, functioning as a controller coordination and balance.

Level Intelligence
Intelligence is a mental ability that carried by an individual from birth, to adapt to new environments and problem solving problems quickly and appropriately.

Child intelligence level is determined by the state of the brain and is influenced by many factors, such as: the nature of genetic, environmental (facilities, socio-economic families), motivation and nutritional status. Skill someone can be measured by means of electro encephalogram (EEG), positron emission tomography devices (PET) and IQ tests.

EEG tool can capture and record the flow of waves emitted by the brain. While PET equipment, recorded the brain's reaction to a problem. Brains, only need a little reaction to solve the problem. While the less intelligent, seemed to put almost all parts of his brain to answer the same problem.

IQ tests have been used since a long time. This test as one way to gauge one's level of intelligence. People who are famous, who proved to have high IQs.

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