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The Danger if less sleep

Posted by Finance Tips | Labels: Health | Posted on Senin

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Each person does have time to sleep different because of several factors, (e.g: age). In general, infants require an average of 16 hours of sleep per day, teenagers need about 9 hours per day, while most adults need about 7-8 hours of sleep per day, although some people only need about 5 hours or even 10 hours per day. As for women who are pregnant 3 months generally takes a few hours longer than usual.

One of the easiest signs to detect if you lack sleep or not, is when you feel tired and sleepy during the day, especially when doing boring activities.

When the accumulated lack of sleep for days, then you will owe so many hours of sleep for your body. Debt is like withdrawing money borrowed exceeds your account balance. In the end, the body will ask for "payment" for the debt through other means. Among them through reduced our ability to assess things and react, and the reduction in some other body functions. It also lost the ability to remember, depression, reduced immune system, and increased pain perception.

Many studies claim that lack of sleep is a dangerous condition. Through these studies, it is known, that sleep-deprived people who have more severe conditions than those who were drunk. Because of the study, found that when asked to drive a car simulator, a lack of sleep can not coordinate eye and hand. No wonder people in a state of drowsy driving on the highway often crashed. While this sleepy, caffeine would not be able to handle it.

When you begin to have trouble keeping his eyes to focus, can not stop yawning, and while driving can not remember what had passed, then it is likely you need a break. You are planning to travel later this year, do not forget to prepare the body condition, especially for adequate rest before starting the journey.

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