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Longevity Women More than Men

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According to observation, women live longer than men. The proof, the woman who left her husband dead could live longer than men who left his wife dead. Women are more able to survive through the ages went on, though without a life partner.

Not entirely wrong if you feel you've seen evidence of this. According to Japanese researchers, sperm genes may shorten the age of men compared with women, at least when tested in animals.

These researchers produce female mice by using genetic material from two females without males, and then found that the two female mice they called the bi-maternal (BM) are living longer than those created by mixing the normal gene (from male and female rats ).

Although only tested on animals, this finding is believed to be the first evidence that the sperm genome, which was entirely the hereditary information of organisms-it even affects the age, the researchers findings thus Tomohiro Kono, PhD, professor of Bioscience from Tokyo University of Agriculture.

"We produce BM by manipulating a set of genes so that the eggs of their behavior is more like sperm genes," said Kono. "Then, we graft manipulated genetic material into the egg was not fertilized, and grew the embryo. Embryo develops into adult female mice that bi-maternal."

Bi-maternal mice live about three times longer, or more than 186 days, rather than the other mice. The average age of the mouse BM was 841.5 days, longer than normal mice whose age 655.5 days.

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