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10 Tips For Smokers To Avoid Premature Aging

Posted by Risefa | Labels: hotel, tips | Posted on Kamis

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"Smoking can damage your health", this phrase has often we hear. But certainly not easy for smokers to quit smoking immediately. And for the woman who tends more attention to appearance, smoking gives a very negative impact for the health of skin. It was said by smoking can make you look like a 50-year-old at the time we were 30 years old.

Here are some tips for smokers to avoid premature aging:

1. To increase blood flow to the face, apply massage face every day, using the fingertips and skin Rub gently in a clockwise direction. It also can stop the change grayish color on your face.
2. To help remove toxins in the skin, do regular peels.
3. To protect skin from cigarette smoke, use a daily facial cream that contains SPF.
4. Smoking makes your body dehydrated, drink lots to preventive dehydrated.
5. To increase the growth of skin, give your body a healthy food intake, regular use face masks and exercise regularly.
6. Usually to avoid the cigarette smoke into the eyes, we tend to squint my eyes so do not forget to use eye cream.
7. Do facials on a regular basis.
8. In order for the fingers are not yellow, with lemon redamlah and apply moisturizer.
9. Do not uses powder, foundation and concealer as a base too much makeup. Because it will crack when we exhale smoke.
10. To avoid cigarette smoke, we usually frequent squinting. Therefore, use eye cream.

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