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Not trigger Breakfast Routine Early Sex?

Posted by Risefa | Labels: Health, Info, sex | Posted on Kamis

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Guess what makes teens start sexual life early? You would not believe, the answer is no regular breakfast.

Japanese researchers found that young people who often miss breakfast to start their sexual life earlier than peers who regularly eat breakfast. It is quoted Geniusbeauty.

Studies conducted Japanese Health Department to respond to the high level issues of unwanted pregnancy in adolescents. The result, a survey conducted in 3000 showed the teenager, who did not eat breakfast they started approaching her sex life 17.5 years of age. Meanwhile, a routine breakfast they usually lose their virginity at the age of 19.4 years.

Kunio Kitamura, director of the Japan Family Planning Association, said, "The fact that teenagers who skipped breakfast show something in their family environment. And, teenagers who are not happy with their parents tend to let go of stress with the help of sex."

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