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More Healthy Mountains Water

Posted by Risefa | Labels: Health, tips | Posted on Rabu

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FUNCTION water for the body that is so vital, we must make careful drinking water for consumption. Should select the water that comes from good sources, such as mountain water.

Everyone knows that water is essential to life. Just imagine, most of our bodies composed of water. No wonder people without water will die faster than without food. Water serves to distribution minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients throughout the body. Balance the body and is also highly dependent temperature water. Water is the lubricant of tissue, while bearing joints, bones, and muscles.

So great was the role of water in the body, so that the water sometimes included as a sixth nutrient after carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Water is the source of life for all beings. Nobody will be able to live in the absence of water, and the benefits never again count the number.

Especially for men, drinking water has several functions such as keeping the moisture in the body organs. Water also serves to keep the blood and lymph nodes in the body has a volume and viscosity enough. Another function is to regulate body temperature. Drinking water in sufficient quantities will encourage wasting a lot of poisons or toxins in the body through sweat, urine or urine, and breathing.

Not to mention the presence of blood that consists of 95 percent water, as the carrier is very important nutrients to the body cells are not starving. Brain disorders who suffer from hunger due to glucose and oxygen supply causes a feeling sluggish, tired, and maybe even cause a stroke (usually due to blockage of blood vessels). Many people think that we need to consume water only when thirsty. In fact, when the thirst of the body appears very real shortage of water. So, get used to drink before you come thirsty.

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