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Tips and Tricks on the Bedroom

Posted by Risefa | Labels: sex | Posted on Sabtu

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Here are a few tricks to feeling sexy during sex, as well as some things to keep in mind when you start sweating before taking your clothes off.

Create a flattering ambiance.
Dimming the lights or lighting a few candles will not only create a lovely, romantic ambiance for your lovemaking, but will also shadow your body from your guy.

Pick a sexy outfit.
Go lingerie shopping and pick something that will enhance your best features, make you feel sexy and that you know will knock your guy’s socks off. It’ll definitely boost your confidence in the bedroom, as well as divert his attention from any problem areas you may have.

Mix it up.
Experimenting with different positions is fun, and you can definitely find a few that won’t accentuate your problem areas. You can do it on all fours, or from behind lying on your sides; you can even stick with the missionary position: you’re lying on your back, so your belly appears flat.

Know what you like.
If you do things you enjoy in bed—be it a position, location or even using a certain toy—it’ll allow you to just have fun, allowing your mind to stray away from thoughts of your body. You’ll also feel confident and sexy, which will do wonders for your body image.

Believe you’re beautiful.
It is always nice to hear words of how beautiful you are, and they can definitely act as confidence boosters. However, do not rely on your guy to tell you how amazing you look in the bedroom. You should be able to tell that to yourself—and believe it.

Accept your body as is.
If you don’t love your body, how can you expect someone else to love it, too? Focus on body parts you particularly love, and make peace with those you have problems with. You should be able to feel at ease in the buff; try walking around the house naked and look at your body in a mirror closely, but not critically. If you do feel some areas need work, then that is up to you to go to the gym and work on any problem areas.

Expose yourself.
One way to learn to be comfortable with your body is to gradually cut down on cover-ups during and after sex. That means keeping the lights on every once in a while, unless, of course, you like the ambiance; don’t lift the covers above your chest after sex, unless you’re cold; and don’t wrap a cover around your body to head to the bathroom.

Sex can be funny-looking.
Sex isn’t always the, well, sexiest thing anyone will come across visually. It’s definitely beautiful, but can sometimes be an awkward mess of limbs and body parts, sweat, funny noises and odd facial expressions. In sum, we all may look funny while doing the deed, so if you’re extremely preoccupied with how you look while having sex, then you shouldn’t be engaging in it.

Don’t focus on your body during sex.
Obsessing about your body any time is not healthy, but it‘s an even bigger no-no in the bedroom. You definitely don’t want to overwhelm yourself—or your guy—with your insecurities during sex. That’ll definitely spoil the mood.

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that's tip for partner myself or selingkuhan dil???

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kekekekkekek, koment donkisetos lucu..ngakak aku...hehehehhe

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Ehm, jadi pengen kawin

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great post... nice info... thanks for sharing...

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Nice for the tips and tricks

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tipnya oke juga nih ttg bedroom
klo manten baru pasti dibaca nih.

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